Top 5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Many people each year have situations where they shall have to look for the best divorce lawyer Sydney to help them. These types of situations involve the separation and dissolution of a marriage.

The splitting of assets and property, children’s responsibility between these different parties, and many more are to be considered. However, there are many out there, and some may not be appropriate according to your situation.

There are so many, so it may often be difficult to choose which firm you will go with for your particular scenarios. You must know the signs for recognizing the qualities held by professionals, and to know this read the following article. Here are the three qualities that make us the best divorce lawyer Sydney:

Focusing on the welfare of the children

Best Divorce Lawyers Sydney | Cominos Family Lawyers

The best of the best diverse lawyers in Sydney will always focus on the welfare of children. When two parties dissolve a marriage, the responsibility of children must be split equally between the two. It is crucial for ensuring children’s welfare, and this must be done well to ensure that they are put into the right hands who will take care of them properly. The best divorce lawyers in Sydney shall look after children and make them the responsibility of both parties split equally.

Negotiation skills

The best of the best divorce lawyers should be skilled in negotiations as this is very important when dealing with alternate dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution is an advanced form of solving the issues among parties.

This is primarily the most preferred method as it is a zoomed lesson time, a very cheap process and the parties do not have to see the court, which may be complex, or take a lot of time and may cost them a lot of money. Also, it is essential for the parties involved to try alternative dispute revisions before going through the proceedings with the court.


Since situations like divorce can be very emotionally charged, the best divorce lawyers shall have compassion for the parties involved. It is crucial to have understood to easily understand their perspective and help them achieve an outcome based on this.

However, they need to remain neutral as they cannot be biased towards one or more of the parties as this shall result in an outcome that is not fair in most cases. Therefore the best divorce lawyers in Sydney must have compassion and must be able to sympathize with the parties involved; however, they will still take a neutral stance when the situation comes about talking about matters and be able to resolve the problem with a fair outcome for both of the parties.


As you already know, these situations are pretty common, with the separation rate being 50% and increasing as the years pass. The best diverse lawyer in Sydney is continuously looked for to attain the best possible outcomes for both parties. So, we hope our write-up helps you in choosing the right divorce lawyer.

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